Mission Statement

We are an organization interested in promoting free speech and expression on social media platforms.

However, sometimes there are organizations that dominate the landscape while running away from these same tenets they claim to have been founded on.

Meddlemen exists as a resource that compiles lists of Twitter users who have:

  1.  A Verified Status (the blue check mark by their display name)
  2.  Featured as a promoted post
  3.  Admitted to filing a DMCA takedown request on another account

The purpose of this project is to hasten the idea to Twitter that sharing blocklists, hiding posts, shadowbanning users and providing special protections and dispensation for “Verified” accounts over regular users, including doling out punishments for using “forbidden” words in response to Verified accounts, is ultimately an unprofitable endeavor.

Lists will be available in the tab above, along with the ability for users to submit names we might’ve missed. This is a crowdsource style endeavor and is being done by hand between an association of people in order to ensure against personal favors and system errors.